Sirian Types Kantarians


In her book Aliens Among Us (see our review), spiritual writer Ruth Montgomery refers to a group of Sirians known as ‘The Kantarians‘ whom she believed are…

…interdimensional extraterrestrial beings from Sirius who apparently had physical contact with humanity in its beginnings.

Source: Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery

In an online article titled ‘Fall of Man: Humanity’s Origins’ Noel Huntley Ph. D. states that…

…about 4 million years ago a portal bridge was constructed between the core of Sirius B … and Earth’s core in D2. The soul essences from the Sphere of Amenti were passed into the core of Sirius B … creating a hybrid Sirian-human. This race became known as the Kantarians who founded the Kantarian Federation to serve as guardians for the Earth humans of the Second and Third Seedings, and became involved with the old Sumerian and Egyptian cultures as well as that of Atlantis.

Source: Fall of Man – Pt 3 by Noel Huntley, Ph. D.

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